• How to draw anime eyes10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

    How to draw anime eyes. Variant 1. Draw an upward curve line. It should be somewhat dark. Make lower part of the eye by drawing diagonal lines. Remove the extra lines and add an oval within eye. Make outline of light...

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  • How to draw people faces10 Ways how to draw a people face step by step

    How to draw people faces. Variant 1 Draw an oval shape. Make two horizontal lines, from the middle of these lines divide the oval in two parts. Draw a small horizontal line bit lower to the horizontal lines. Make...

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  • How to draw a pokemon10 Ways how to draw Pokemon step by step

    How to draw a pokemon. Variant 1 Draw a semicircle, open from above and a semi circle from below to give a face shape. Then add two big rabbit ears. Now draw vertical and horizontal lines dividing each other inside...

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