How to draw a dog?

How to draw a dog? Variant 1

How to draw a dog?

If you want to learn how to draw a dog then these 5 steps can help you a lot:

  1. First, we will draw dog’s head. We will draw hook figure. You should confirm to add a small size bump at the end of the longer hook line. It is a dog’s nose. At the top of nose is double as long as the chin.
  2. Next, keep the top long nose line to create the ear. You should keep drawing the bottom of the snout down and back to make the neck line of front side.
  3. Now make a long line from the upper head to create the back side line. Bend the line downward sharply showing in the image.
  4. Make the down line into the back side of the rear leg to the foot. Now bring the line back to the backside line. Create the top part of the backside leg somewhat wider than the base. Make belly line from the back leg and add front side dog’s leg. The dog’s front leg line begins just above the tummy line and gets down to the foot.
  5. It should be equal to the dog’s back leg. Now draw the front line for leg back up to connect the line of neck. Now, add one more front leg ahead of the first leg. Now add one more curved backside leg ahead of the first back leg. Lastly, from the leftover draw a lean curved pointed tail.

Drawing puppy. Variant 2

How to draw a dog?

Drawing a puppy is really very easy. Let’s see how?

  1. Draw a dot.
  2. Above this dot, draw a down facing arc.
  3. Now make dog’s nose by making hook and attaching with down arc, which is puppy’s head.
  4. Now, draw a small line left to right, which will make puppy’s mouth.
  5. In the middle of recently draw line, you need to start another line, which should go little down. (Shown in image)
  6. Now, draw puppy’s ear, by attaching to puppy’s head (an arc).
  7. Now, draw puppy back. This line will start from puppy’s ear. (Please check image)
  8. At the end of back, draw tail and draw a slight mirror “S” image for puppy’s front.
  9. With two bendy lines and flat “U” will make puppy’s front leg. Draw two small dots in the middle of flat “U”, which will be puppy’s fingers.
  10. Now we will draw down facing “3” and at the ending point of this 3 connects to puppy’s tail.
  11. With front and back leg, we will make other legs and draw another ear. (showing in image)

How to Draw Dogs + Entertain Children. Variant 3

How to draw a dog?

Here are 6 steps that help you to draw a dog.

Draw one big circle and one small circle.

With big circle draw a line for dog’s body. (as per image) Connect big circle and small circle with two different lines. On small circle’s right side, draw a dog’s upper mouth.

On small circle’s left side, draw dog’s ear.

Now, make dog’s tail, legs eye, nose and lower mouth.

Remove big and small circles, and give it a finishing touch.

Fill the dog with your desired colors and entertain your children.

Draw a dog. Variant 4.

How to draw a dog?

  1. You need to draw a proper circle.
  2. Overlap the circle with horizontal oval from bottom.
  3. Make few ovals double-lined for making eyes.
  4. Make another small oval to make nose.
  5. Now beneath it you need to draw curved lines for mouth.
  6. Make its ears with the curved lines.
  7. Draw another ear in a similar way.
  8. Overlap oval at bottom with other rectangle.
  9. Overlap and create the rectangle with the box with their curved sides.
  10. Now, connect another overlapping uneven box for making tummy.
  11. Bottom to get Overlap with other irregular box having curved sides to make lower back.
  12. Overlap the small oval from bottom tip for leg paw.
  13. Draw the vertical rectangle having curved sides keeping open upper side for one of the forelegs.
  14. Draw rectangle at base overlapping the oval for foreleg paw.
  15. Draw the vertical rectangle to make other foreleg.
  16. Overlap with various similar-sized oval to make another paw.
  17. Add the line for small curved to draw tail.
  18. Use the guidelines properly to draw the dog.
  19. Rub these guides.
  20. Now, Colour the lovely doggy.

Draw a dog. Variant 5

How to draw a dog?

  1. Draw the circle for making head of dog.
  2. Connect 3 straight lines joining to each other from circle for drawing dog’s mouth.
  3. Make 2 triangles on circle’s upper surface for making ears.
  4. Now, add 2 straight lines joining the circle for making neck.
  5. Draw the big size horizontal oval for upper body joining to neck.
  6. Now, overlap the huge sized oval having smaller kind of oval at bottom.
  7. Overlap different oval for lower back.
  8. Connect big size oval to oval that creates lower back with single straight line.
  9. Add straight lines joining the bottom for drawing the dog’s forelegs.
  10. Join base of forelegs with irregular rectangles to draw paws. Do same for hind legs.
  11. Draw the small size curved line to make tail of dog at bottom of lower back.
  12. Now, add a horizontal oval which is small-sized at upper end for leg bone and for muscle area.
  13. Refer the guidelines and draw each detail of dog.
  14. Erase entire guidelines and create a clean dog.
  15. At last, color your dog.

How to Draw the Dog! Variant 6

How to draw a dog?
  1. Draw 2 circles which are overlapping. The small circle is at upper left area.
  2. Draw details for ears and draw the curve for cutting top circle in two different sectors.
  3. Now, draw details to create the dog’s face and draw eyes, snout, nose and mouth. Draw it in such a way to appear as cartoon.
  4. Now, draw the body with curve lines and straight lines connecting to second circle.
  5. Draw the tail and paws of the dog.
  6. Trace with the pen and rub the unnecessary lines, thereby adding details for teeth and body.
  7. Color this lovely and adorable dog with colors of your preference!

Draw a Dog. Variant 7

How to draw a dog?

  1. Draw 2 circles with different sizes and draw an oval for making framework.
  2. Create every detail for making legs of dog with straight lines. Draw by using the simple shapes such as trapezoids, polygons and rectangles.
  3. Draw body of the dog with curved lines which connect the oval and circles.
  4. With curved lines, draw details of dog’s head. Refine your drawing by making distinct features such as dog’s ears, eyes, snout, mouth and nose.
  5. Trace through pen and remove all redundant lines.
  6. Color the sturdy dog with the color of your choice.

Draw a dog. Variant 8

How to draw a dog?
  1. Draw 2 ovals side by side. Making one bigger to some extent than the other. Ensure that these are not much apart. Here, main key in drawing.
  2. Draw outline and a line which goes up and down on the top of ovals. Now draw another under it. On bottom, bend between the ovals. Now, draw legs, like it is drawn in picture. Draw bottom lines and top lines move up, and draw the circle for beginning of to make head and make nose by drawing oval.
  3. Draw the lines to outline the head. Now, erase circles in head and body. Add the ears to head which are either floppy and long, or small and up. Now, add either the long tail or short tail.
  4. Carefully rub all ovals and circles. Now add the fur by drawing the ruffles. You may smudge pencil lead to create darker spots and shadows on dog to make it realistic!
  5. Enjoy coloring your Dog!

Draw a Dog. Variant 9

How to draw a dog?
  1. Draw 2 parallel lines for making the nose of Dog.
  2. Adding top of ear and head.
  3. Draw the rear back of dog.
  4. Create a Sketch for drawing chest and lower neck.
  5. Start outlining of rear front with the back legs.
  6. Draw the legs through adding paws.
  7. Make the tail
  8. Finally, draw the eyes and the paw.
  9. Your dog is ready to color

How To Draw A Realistic Husky How to draw a dog?
  1. Draw a line and a dot.
  2. Extend the line from right side to make forehead of husky and give eye shape on dot.
  3. Extend the line from left side to make mouth of husky.
  4. Draw ear, nose and complete the husky’s mouth.
  5. Draw another ear, back and front neck.
  6. Add two small ear shapes within already made ears and extend back neck till starting of legs.
  7. Make front and back legs.
  8. Extend the back legs till foots.
  9. Make tummy area of husky and draw small front and back foots.
  10. Draw another front and back legs.
  11. Make an arc above eye; give shape to newly added legs. Add a long “C” to add a tail shape.
  12. Draw a curvy line on the front. Draw a zigzag line to complete the tail.
  13. Extend the curvy line till starting of tail and add small lines to give fingers shape on foot.

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