How to draw a dragon

How to draw a dragon. Variant 1
How to draw a dragon

It is very simple to draw a dragon, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Draw two curve lines, one upper and one down. It will be dragon’s chest and neck.
  2. On upper curve extend the line and make dragon’s top head.
  3. On down curve, extend the line and draw dragon’s cheeks.
  4. Draw lips of dragon.
  5. Make cheek, ear, eye and nose.
  6. Make long dragon horn.
  7. Make inner side neck line.
  8. Complete the dragon by adding spikes.
How to draw a dragon for kids. Variant 2.

How to draw a dragon

  1. Make a small size circle for the head of dragon and an oval body.
  2. Draw dragon’s body and head. Leave some space to draw the legs, horns, and ear. Be sharp when drawing dragon’s tail and head tail.
  3. Make the dragon’s wing.
  4. Make the ear and horns.
  5. Make the legs. The dragon’s front legs are should be different than the back as per image.
  6. Draw the dragon’s eye and make some neck marking with vertical line.
  7. Fill the dragon with your desired colors.

Draw a Chinese Dragon. Variant 3.

How to draw a dragon

  1. Draw an egg shape as head and snake shape body.
  2. Start making head with horn.
  3. Add some thick lines on head.
  4. Make an outline which should be long like a mustache.
  5. Now draw the dragon’s paws.
  6. Draw the claws.
  7. Draw the scales and spikes.
  8. Fill the dragon with your preferred colored.

How to draw a red dragon. Variant 4

How to draw a dragon

  1. Make a long curvy line.
  2. Add another curvy line close to previous line as shown in image.
  3. Make head and tail.
  4. Complete the head by adding horn. Add leg and arms.
  5. Draw one more line within two curvy lines and make another back arm.
  6. Draw small lines from head to tail shown in image.
  7. Draw the outer wing.
  8. Complete the wing, and full red color.

How to draw a dragon. Variant 5.

How to draw a dragon

  1. Draw a half oval shape. It will be neck.
  2. Make dragon’s nose connecting neck line.
  3. Draw the upper head part.
  4. Make another slight curvy line bottom to the head line.
  5. Make two vertical curvy lines, starting from neck and head.
  6. Add another curvy line between earlier drawn lines. Draw V shape as a check area.
  7. Draw eye, nose, mouth and sharp teeth.
  8. Draw horn and spikes to complete the image.

Draw a sitting dragon. Variant 6.

How to draw a dragon

  1. Make a jelly bean shape and a horizontal line.
  2. Draw two front legs of dragon.
  3. Now make two back legs but it should be in sitting position. (check image)
  4. Add two curvy lines to give a shape of neck.
  5. Make horn, face and spikes. After this ease the extra lines.
  6. Draw two long S shape lines to make a long tail with spikes.
  7. Make five lines attached to body to draw dragon’s wings.
  8. Connect lines with each other and your dragon is ready.

How to draw a dragon. Variant 7.

How to draw a dragon

  1. Draw two long 'S' shapes to make dragon’s overall shape and neck. Add cone shapes on upper S shape as spikes. Head and jaw should be made in teardrop shape with the teardrop point at the nose tip squared off to make a nose. The curved end forms the cheek and jawline.
  2. Now you need to add eyes by using a lower curve with a sharp curve within it for the lid and eye. Draw belly area with a smooth curvy line. Add a simple wings and spines by expending the spines mentioned in 1st image. Make some smoke close to mouth.
  3. Now you need to add limbs by just utilizing angular lines and repeating the limbs of lizards with simple vertical lines. Draw somewhat loose appearing wings and not very efficient curves because this adds an ordinary wing’s effect. Make the area somewhat dark with thicker pen.
  4. Remove the rough pencil lines. Add curves and joints to the limbs; make clear the spines and body. Add some spikes to the limbs and back and highlight them. Add shallow curved line inside covering to highlight the recesses. Add some 'scales' with circles along with the main body part.
  5. Fill the color in your dragon.

Draw a dragon. Variant 8.

How to draw a dragon

  1. Draw a curvy line.
  2. Make a small dot on the left side of this curvy line.
  3. Make a half circle around dot start from curvy line.
  4. Draw a line in curve shape and make forehead.
  5. Extend the curve shape to make upper nose.
  6. Extend further for a perfect nose shape.
  7. Connect this to half circle; it will be face of dragon.
  8. Now add a line within dragon’s face.
  9. Draw horn and nose shape.
  10. Connect two lines, starting from face to downside. It will be stomach and back of dragon.
  11. Now make feet.
  12. Draw remaining body of dragon with tail.
  13. Draw cone shapes on upper part of dragon. Add horizontal lines front side of dragon.

How to draw a dragon. Variant 9.

How to draw a dragon

1. Draw a 'V' shape; it will be head of the Dragon. From this shape, extend a line series upward. These lines will be frame of horns. From 'V' shape draw two lines leading away from the head to neck.

2. Scratch up any straight lines. Add another line for every horn to hone them to points. Make placement of mouth, eyes and nostrils. Add simple spikes along the neck from the body part. A curly line is added between the neck lines.

3. Connect the spines with a loop type line to give a fine shape. Add a lower jaw and small triangles start form teeth. Ovals and circles added to the neck and divide the bigger surface area. Now add some small lines to add importance to the Dragon beneath eyes, down the belly anywhere you can add detail.

How to draw a dragon. Variant 10.

How to draw a dragon

  1. Make a structure like two to make the face and upper body of dragon
  2. On the starting make a small oval to make face of dragon
  3. Downside of the oval make another two which will be the neck of dragon
  4. At the starting of upper body, make another big oval
  5. Extend the oval to make the stomach of the dragon
  6. Now make 4 legs, 2 front and 2 rear
  7. From upper side of the body, start making the wings and make a tail
  8. Give a proper shape to wings of dragon

The oval drawn above is the Elipses, draw even the parts which are not visible to give a proper shape of dragon. The Elipses and circles will help to draw a perfect view.

10.Now, at the small oval which made the face, draw proper face with eyes, nose and mouth

11.Draw 5 parallel lines to give a clear representation to measure face

12.Give proper shape to throat and neck of the dragon

13.Properly highlight the body and legs of dragon

14.Wings to be drawn and highlighted evenly

15.Make Tail

16.Erase the invisible parts to give a clean and perfect look to your dragon

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