How to draw manga

How to draw manga. Variant 1

How to draw manga
  1. Draw head of manga with oval and cross lines.
  2. Draw hair with zigzag line patterns. Stay bit creative in this step.
  3. Add eyes of manga, neck and shoulder area and draw eyebrow.
  4. Give some expression in face. Fill color.

Draw a manga girl.Variant 2

How to draw manga
  1. Make an ellipse
  2. Make cross line from the middle of ellipse
  3. Draw cheeks and chin
  4. Draw manga girl’s head somewhat bigger than ellipse
  5. On the horizontal line, draw eyes
  6. Distance between both eyes should be similar to one eye’s width
  7. Draw mouth between mouth and chin
  8. Draw both ears
  9. Draw hair
  10. Dark the headline and give finishing touch

Draw a standing manga girl. Variant 3

How to draw manga
  1. Draw a circle for manga girl’s head. With the help of straight lines, curves draw body part.
  2. Add details to whole body
  3. Give shape to whole body; add eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Also add cloth.

Draw Manga ribbon. Variant 4

How to draw manga
  1. Make a simple square.
  2. Add two triangle shapes and connect these with square. It will be ribbon’s body.
  3. Add two more triangles below the ribbon body.
  4. Draw a shape of knot by adding some folding lines.
  5. Draw a thick line at the bottom
  6. Add some shadow for perfect finish.

Draw Manga Frills. Variant 5

How to draw manga
  1. Make a zigzag line for base.
  2. Make some curve parts for frills.
  3. Make upper part and connect with each other.
  4. Add some top parts and lines for folds
  5. Add some inner shade for 3D look.
  6. Add some dynamic lines and add some contrast.

Draw a Manga. Variant 6

How to draw manga
  1. Draw an ellipse and cross lines for face shape.
  2. Draw eyes on horizontal lines. Make them narrow and straight for dashing look.
  3. Draw nose on vertical line.
  4. In the middle of nose and chin, draw mouth.
  5. Make chin somewhat long and add ear.
  6. Draw neck area. It should be wider.
  7. Details the eye and ear
  8. With dynamic lines add hair which should come on eyes.
  9. Draw one more round arc for back head and more hair volume
  10. Draw more strands from back arc. Give a finishing touch.

Draw female manga hair style. Variant 7

How to draw manga
  1. Draw a female manga face shape with short hair. To make different hairstyles you need to draw two curves for hair thickness.
  2. When you try to draw female manga hair, remember it should be thin at the end.
  3. There are six different hairstyles of female manga hair that you can check in image and draw.

Draw Manga Emotions. Variant 8

How to draw manga
  1. If you want to draw different emotions of manga then remember emotions fully depends of head’s moments, eyes, and mouth gesture.
  2. Draw a sad manga with head down.
  3. Draw a laughing manga with eyes wide opened
  4. Draw a happy manga with making upward eyebrow
  5. Draw scared manga with opened eyes.
  6. Draw angry manga with look at the eyebrow.
  7. Draw shy manga with head aims down and some blushes.

Draw a Manga. Variant 9

How to draw manga
  1. Make a ellipse
  2. Add cross in the middle of this ellipse
  3. Add cheeks and chin area
  4. Make top head and it should be bigger than ellipse
  5. Draw eyes on the horizontal line
  6. Eyes distance should be as big as width of one eye.
  7. Draw mouth between nose and chin
  8. Make ears
  9. Make hair in high volume
  10. Give a finishing touch to image

Draw a confident female manga. Variant 10

How to draw manga
  1. We wish to make secondary character for the story. Let us see how to draw it
  2. Draw a simple puppet defining the volume and the pose. We should concentrate on body language of character
  3. Now draw the detail, pointing nose, stubborn look, piercing gaze with the school uniform to give complete details
  4. Now, redraw the lines and concentrate more on thickness and contract. We are ready with our character now.

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