10 Ways to Draw Peoples Eyes Step-by-Step

How to draw people eye. Variant 1
How to draw people eye

  1. Draw a slight big + sign. Add dark curve on right and left sides. Draw semi-circles below these dark curves to give an eye shape.
  2. Give a dark shade to down curve lines.
  3. Make dark both eyes and remove the extra lines.
  4. Now remove the big + sign and add small eyebrow.
  5. Give a finishing touch and its done.

How to draw an eye. Variant 2

How to draw people eye

  1. Draw a circle, this will be the eyeball
  2. Just above the circle draw a semi circle
  3. Another semi circle to be drawn just below the eye ball
  4. Match both the semi circle, above and below and join them through edges
  5. This will give a clear look of an eye, Now draw another semi circle just above the upper semi circle of the eye
  6. With the help of dark pencil, darken the sides and the upper eye part
  7. Now from right to left start drawing the eye lids above the first semi circle highlighting the eye
  8. Fill the eyelashes with some big and some small eye lids, both above and below the eye
  9. Give a final touch by making the eye ball and highlighting the eye. There you are ready with the talking eyes!

How to draw an eye. Variant 3

How to draw people eye

  1. Start with drawing light outline of eye
  2. Add the tear duct by shading touch
  3. Draw the pupils and ins of eye. Pupil should be less than width of 1/3 eye
  4. Add the upperfold for eyelid
  5. Now, draw upper eye lashes, curving from right to left
  6. Curve the lines to left
  7. Now draw lower eye lashes and they should be quite far from tear duct
  8. They are less as compared to upper eye lashes
  9. Start giving shades to iris with dark reflection or dark shade on top of iris
  10. Similar toning from outer edge, adding dark shade from right
  11. Fill shade between pupil edge and iris, pencil strokes are pointed to pupil
  12. Darken the shade of pupil
  13. Proper shading of iris with dark shade of pupil edge
  14. Add shade to upper eyelid
  15. Add light tone to tear duct
  16. Proper shading where eyes and lower eyelid meet
  17. Dark the lower lashes and upper lashes
  18. Add light shade to eye flesh
  19. Draw an eyebrow with proper eye tuning
  20. Getting the final image by erasing white part of image

How to make an eye. Variant 4

How to draw people eye

  1. Draw two circles at some distance to make an eye
  2. Add a tear duct at both the circles, facing each other
  3. Convert the circle to oval shape for both eyes
  4. Draw an upper eyelid on both eyes
  5. Now draw iris, which is again small circles inside the eye
  6. Draw eyebrow above the upper eyelid. The starting should be in line with the tear duct and end of eyebrow will be slightly tilted from edge of eye
  7. Now add the pupil which is another round circle in the iris. Draw the eye lashed which are curving towards the edge of eye
  8. Darken the lower line of eye to highlight the eyes
  9. Now again darken upper eye line and the upper eye lid
  10. Darken the iris circle, pupil circle, tear ducts and also highlight the eyebrow line
  11. Give proper shading to the eyebrow to make them look natural
  12. Give shade to the iris, dark at outer edge and light shade towards pupil
  13. Darken the pupil
  14. Highlight the eye lashes with dark color and curving them upwards
  15. Add the lower eye lashes and curving them downwards
  16. Add a brown touch to the space between eyebrow and eye
  17. Add brown color shade to the iris
  18. Proper shade of brown color to pupil and iris
  19. Now eyes are ready

How to draw an eye. Variant 5

How to draw people eye

  1. Draw a shape of eye with ovals and circle. Draw just outline and it shouldn’t be too dark or too light. Draw a square shape in the pupil, which is glare.
  2. Fill the pupil.
  3. Add shade to iris. It will give depth to the eye.
  4. Make spokes moving outwards from pupil. Overlap some spokes and make thick lines.
  5. Mix the iris. Highlight the area of iris.
  6. Add a shadow to the eye lid to add some depth.
  7. Add slight shade to the skin around the eye.
  8. Make eyelashes and eyebrow using curvy lines.
  9. Give a finishing touch.
  10. It’s done.

Draw a human eye. Variant 6

How to draw people eye

Step 1: Let us draw one eye to make the process of drawing simple. Certainly, if you are much confident to draw, you can draw another eye as mirror image. So, draw 2 contours rather than one. Bear in mind that eyes should look identical through reflected in the relation to each other.

Step 2: For a moment, this lesson is quite similar to the geometry lesson. Though, the geometric shapes help to draw Eyes correctly and easily. Remember that second curve is not square but it is rectangle. Moreover, horizontal lines are quite longer than vertical lines.

Step 3: Draw basic eye outline and draw oval shape in middle. This will be the cornea of eye. All such things must be comparatively simple, just mark exactly where ends of eye would be.

Step 4 : Erase the geometric lines and change shape of eye. Left end should be bottom of cornea and right end inside cornea.

Step 5: Draw the pupil which should not be big. Add lashes and shades to the eye

Step 6 : Add eye lashes which are not much long which will add finishing touch to eye

Step 7: Properly line contour line to make iris and color the pupil.

How To An Eye. Variant 7

How to draw people eye

  1. Draw an arc shape in standing position.
  2. Extend this arc on the right side for semi curve.
  3. Connect this structure with another arc shape on the upper side.
  4. Make it clear to give a shape of an eye.
  5. On the upper arc draw another arc shape.
  6. Add a circle shape in the middle of this eye shape.
  7. Add an iris in the middle of this circle.
  8. Add shade in iris of this eye. Even add slight shade in eye lid, even in the small fraction on the base, on the eye’s left. Fill black color in pupil.
  9. Add somewhat shadow on upper eye lid. Add somewhat shadow all around the eye’s iris.
  10. On upper eye lid just add shadow on eye’s edges
  11. Add some lines on pupil outside area…all special shades of gray or black.
  12. Add some gray color to the highlight; even add some more lines on pupil outside area.
  13. Add some gray or black tints squiggly lines on iris outer part.
  14. With the help of eraser to add some light shades and lines exterior to the pupil.

How to draw an eye. Variant 8

How to draw people eye

  1. Start making outline of an eye. Draw a very light sketch.
  2. Make the pupil dark and shade pupil light dark. Add some layers to the darker area.
  3. Mix the iris area until it appears smooth. Add some layers with dark pencil and mix it again.
  4. Add some details to make iris in perfect shape. Add some long and short waves on iris.
  5. Now, fill some shade on white eye.
  6. Draw tear duct. Give it some depth and some highlight for a wet look.
  7. Add shade on remaining eye. Draw a waterline near the eyelid. With the help of eraser add some highlight to give a skin texture.
  8. Add eyelashes.
  9. Give a finishing touch to your eye and its done.

How to draw an eye. Variant 9

How to draw people eye

  1. Make an oval shape.
  2. Now make a circle. Part of circle which is within the oval, give it a dark line and outside oval circle should be in dotted line.
  3. Remove the dotted line and make dark the eye.
  4. Add some details on eye.
  5. Draw pupil within the semi circle
  6. Give shades to iris and darken the pupil
  7. Shade the iris with pencil stroke darken from end
  8. Give a final touch with highlighting the lines of eyes

How to draw an eye. Variant 10

How to draw people eye

  1. Make a slight light shape oval.
  2. Draw a circle within this oval shape.
  3. Make both shapes an oval and a circle dark.
  4. On the oval, extend the lines somewhat outer to give a hair shape.
  5. Add another small circle for an iris within big circle. Add a line for eyebrow.
  6. Add shading on the upper side of circle and oval.
  7. Fill the iris with lines and shade and fill the pupil with black shade.
  8. With the help of eraser add some depth in eye and give a finishing touch.

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